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shaban safi (guest) 03 Jun 2010 20:23
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three masses which are conected by springs move along acircle.the point A is fixed.
a)find the igen frequnces.
b)find the normal coordinates
c)express the lagrangian in terms of normal coordinates

classical mechanics by shaban safi (guest), 03 Jun 2010 20:23

There is an interesting "bug/feature" in the LaTeX support in wikidot. Basically, if you make a [[math]] .. [[/math]] entry and type \section{Some section} at the beginning (it could be empty, eg. \section*{}), then you are able to type normal LaTeX text. You can cut and paste directly from a LaTeX file! For instance, we get something like this:

\begin{align} \section{Unitary vector bundles over equivariant gerbes} One day in the future {\em perhaps all our maths webpages will look like this}. The inline equations $x^2 = \int_a^b y^2 dx$ look much better, and so do the displayed ones: \[ \mathfrak{X}_{a^b} = \frac{df}{dx}|_{a = b}. \] We can type it in {\em directly} in ordinary $\LaTeX$ notation. Diagrams might look like this: \[ \begin{matrix} P_1(U) &\stackrel{p}{\to}& P_1(X) \\ \mathrm{tra}_U \downarrow \;\; & \sim\Downarrow t & \;\; \downarrow \mathrm{tra} \\ T' & \stackrel{i}{\to} & T \end{matrix} \] Mmm. All we need to have is clickable words in the outputted graphic. \end{align}

That's genuine LaTeX code, standard no frills. You just have to put in that \section{} in the beginning, otherwise you will be in mathmode, eg.:

\begin{align} I forgot to type \\section\{\} \end{align}
by Anonymous (62.31.252.x), 27 Nov 2008 02:28
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